Bandage Making for Ukraine

We need help!

As it was mentioned at our June meeting, Brockenhurst WI and the Craft group are going to support New Forest for Ukraine in their medical aid project and make bandages to be sent to the front line in Ukraine.

Our forthcoming Craft Group sessions are at 2pm on Friday 17th June, 1st July and 15th July and we will be working on making bandages at these sessions. All are welcome to come along and find out more. Please do contact us for the venue.

Or you can make them at home or over a cuppa with friends. There are full instructions and videos on the New Forest for Ukraine website – click here to view.

We need help in lots of ways:

  • We require clean 100% cotton sheets, valences or table cloths
  • Cutting material
  • Sewing
  • Rolling bandages
  • Folding bandages
  • Delivering bandages to the drop off points (Setley Ridge Farm Shop, Welcome Store, Industrial Heaters)

How To Make Rolled Bandages (click here for a video of how to make them)

We are making 3 standard sizes of bandages:

  • 10cm x 2m
  • 15cm x 3m
  • 20cm x 4m

Materials: Pure cotton, brushed cotton, and woven cotton blankets are very good to use. Flat sheets, duvets, valances, fitted sheets, pillow cases, stretchy cotton & table cloths are all good (any colour).

  1. Measure, snip, then rip sheets long ways to make 10cm x 2m or 15cm x 3m or 20cm x 4m bandages.
  2. If joining is needed to make the required length, overlap the strips by about 2cm / 1” and a zig-zag down each edge*
  3. Snip one end about 2cm / 1” so it can be easily ripped to tie it.
  4. Roll the bandage tight, starting at the snipped end. Leave the snipped end visible and poking out,
  5. Bandages are bagged with like sizes together, with a piece of paper showing the size
  6. Optional: 4-5cm safety pins fastened to paper at 1cm intervals.
  7. Deliver to the New Forest for Ukraine hub or drop-off centre

* If you are not able to sew the seams, please fold for other to sew and label ‘Needs sewing’.

Triangular Bandages: (Click here for a video showing how to make them)

Materials: The base material is strong pure cotton (sheets, duvets, table clothes), any colour as long as it is in good condition and strong. NOT poly mix, NOT brushed cotton).Must be clean, dry and strong.

  1. Measure, snip, then rip sheets into square 1m x 1m
  2. Fold on the diagonal, then cut on the fold
  3. Fold point to long side, then twice more
  4. Fold the pointy ends to the middle, then repeat ends to the middle, then fold in half
  5. Bulk pack in a clean bag and deliver to the hub or drop-off site

If you would like to join the New Forest for Ukraine Bandage Making WhatsApp group, you can do so here. (This is run by New Forest for Ukraine and not Brockenhurst WI), but is a great place to ask questions and get support.

Please do contact us if you have any questions or can help in any way

Thank you

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