June Walk and Meet-Up

This month we rung the changes and did an evening walk. It had been a beautiful day and although it had clouded over a little, it was a very pleasant temperature for a walk.

As we we set off from Beechern Wood car park, we could see some foals, one of them quite small.

Foals (Zoomed)

It was pony central on the moor and we gave them a wide birth with the dogs on leads.

We noticed a patch of pink flowers and Julie’s app said that it was Wild Thyme.

As we headed to the bridge, we passed some Shetlands

There was no-one else in sight and we enjoyed listening to a Song Thrush. We also saw a Grey Wagtail feeding its youngster.

Walter decided to cool down with a ‘mud’ bath!

We stopped by the river so that Walter could have a clean! Teddy joined him too.

As we headed for the car park, we saw lots of Mog Myrtle.

We noticed that there was lots of pony movement and then we noticed the stallion.

It was a lovely time to walk and we enjoyed being out surrounded by such wonderful scenery.

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