June Monthly Meeting

Our June meeting was another very busy one!

We started by singing Jerusalem. We had several Birthday girls who received flowers.

Birthday Flowers

Our President presented the overall ‘Flower of the Month’ Vase to the winner for the past few years (due to Covid) to the member who had won the ‘competition the most times in this time period. The winner was Maureen P.

Maureen P and April ran the raffle for us.

Raffle Prizes

This month we had a ‘Photo of the Month’ Competition’ with the theme of ‘New Beginnings’. This was won by Carole B with the silver collection going to ACWW.

Winning Entry by Carole B

Avery Sturgess from New Forest for Ukraine gave a talk explaining how much-needed bandages and tourniquets can be made. She asked our members for their help and for donations of cotton sheets.

She had this great display:

Display of medical aid for Ukraine

The Craft Group led by Carole B are going to take up the challenge and help with the bandage making. See here for further information.

Alexandra Pittortou from New Forest Homes for Ukraine gave a talk explaining how they work to match Ukraine Refugees with hosts in the New Forest. She also told Ukraine refugees are keen to learn/improve their English. Tutors have volunteered to teach them, but text books are required. Our share of the proceeds from the refreshments at the Jubliee celebrations (£135.36) have been donated to New Forest Homes for Ukraine to buy text books.

Text Books required to help Ukraine Refugees to learn English

We also held a plant sale with donations from this also going to New Forest Homes for Ukraine to buy text books. So far, we have raised £60 from this so, thank you very much for your support and donations.

Our speaker was Richard Deakin, a Commoner and Verderer, talking about “The Verderers of the New Forest’..  He talked about the work and history of the Verderers.   The post is unpaid and elections take place every three years. The Official Verderer is Chairman of the Court and is appointed by the Queen.

The Court of Verderers was set up in 1877 and has twice been reconstituted. Verderers regulate commoning on the  Forest.  They help with the drifts.  The Verderers have many responsibilities and work with Forestry England and Natural England. The aims are to protect, conserve and  promote (recreation) the Forest.

The Court is the second oldest court in the land.  It is held on the third Wednesday of the month apart from August and December and they discuss proposed development which affect the Forest anything from camping to broadband!  They do have an official uniform for Court days. Any Commoner or person can make a complaint of a matter relating to the Forest can do so at the Court.

The Court of the Verderers

The Verderers also look after the health and welfare of animals with the commoners and byelaws have to be adhered to by the commoners.  The Verderers employ 5 Agisters who also work and supervise the day to day welfare of the commoners stock. There are several employed admin staff.  Whether you have lived in the Forest or a recent newcomer there was interest for everyone.

We also continued with our toiletries collection to make up boxes of toiletries for Ukraine Refugees. Our member have continued to be very generous and the boxes are being gratefully received.

Donations to make up shoeboxes of toiletries for Ukraine refugees

Karen M told us about our August trip to Furzey Gardens (postponed from last year).

Our next meeting is on Monday 11th July at 7.30pm. The speaker is Pete Girdwood talking about Mediaeval Southampton and Lymington Dig. At Brockenhurst Village Hall

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