More Bandage Making

With the war in Ukraine sadly showing no let-up, a group of us once more gathered to make some more bandages.

There were four us, so we were able to share the jobs and work as a team (as we did last Friday).

Carole demonstrated how to make triangular bandages out of cotton material.

Julie demonstrated bandage making and the sizes required.

Barbara turned her hand to most jobs.

Ann H turned out to be a whizz at bandage rolling.

We got busy whilst having a chat and a cuppa and produced these:

Although Mel couldn’t make the session, she has been busy and has made these:

Mel’s Bandages

Homework packs were taken by Barbara and Ann. Barbara is going to sew strips of material together and Ann is going to roll the bandages up.

We all agreed that it was good to be helping Ukraine, but we also enjoyed the companionship of working together whilst having a chat.

We do need more material and would welcome donations of 100% cotton material (sheets, tablecloths etc) and also polycotton material too (sheets, duvets, valances, pillowcases).

We would love it if more members were able to give up an hour or so of their time. If this is what 4 people can make, just think what more could make! There is a shortage of bandages on the frontline and also to buy. That is why we need to do this. If you can spare an hour or so to help the Ukraine war effort, please do get in touch – your time may save someone’s life!

Find out what’s involved at the previous blog here.

Julie will happily run another session to show you what’s involved and Evelyn is running a session on Friday 1st July at 2pm.

Please do contact us to volunteer. Thank you.

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