Campaigns and Initiatives

WI campaigns are about changing things for the better and tackling the issues that matter to members. Members are at the heart of the WI and they play a central role in bringing issues onto the WI’s national agenda through our public affairs and campaigning.

Suggestions for initiatives are submitted each year by local branches via regional federations. These are then narrowed down to a short list by representatives from the federations. Local branches then consider and discuss the short-listed resolutions and select the one they would like to go forward for further discussion and final voting at the Annual Meeting.

Resolution Shortlist 2021-22

At the NFWI Resolution Shortlist Selection meeting on 5th October 2021 member and federation delegates shortlisted five resolutions which will now be taken forward for further debate and voting by members.

The shortlisted resolutions are:

1. Fit for Purpose – Fit for Girls

Girls’ clothing ranges often promote harmful gender stereotypes and can lack the practicality and robustness of boys’ clothing due to the differing design features and materials used. The NFWI calls on clothing manufacturers and retailers to produce and market clothes for girls at all ages which are equal to their boys’ clothing ranges in terms of design, quality and coverage, and which aim to empower and enable girls to feel comfortable and confident in whatever activity they choose throughout their childhood. Click here for more information.

2. Appropriate Sentencing of Non-Violent Women Offenders

Women in prison are some of the most vulnerable in society. The majority have committed non-violent offences, and many have been victims of much more serious offences than those they are accused of committing. Prison can do enormous lasting damage to women’s mental health, and research shows that community support and management can be far more effective and produce better reoffending outcomes than custodial sentences, as well as mitigate the negative impacts on children and their wider families. The NFWI therefore urges government to renew its focus on early-intervention and community-based solutions for women who have committed non-violent offences as a matter of urgency. Click here for more information.

3. Equality in Law for the Menopause

Too many women are experiencing discrimination at work and in wider society during the menopause. The NFWI calls on the Government to strengthen equality law by including the menopause as a protected characteristic alongside pregnancy and maternity under the Equality Act 2010, in order to provide better protection for women and to help tackle the stigma around menopause. Click here for more information.

4. Women and Girls with ASD and ADHD Under-Identified, Under-Diagnosed and Under-Supported

Women and girls presenting with autistic spectrum disorder (ASD) and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) are going undiagnosed. The NFWI calls on the government and funding bodies to fund research into the female presentation of ASD and ADHD, and for action to be taken to improve the diagnosis process for women and girls, to ensure that they are equipped to better manage these conditions and do not suffer in silence. The NFWI further calls on WI members to raise awareness within their WIs of the issues facing women and girls with ASD and ADHD.  Click here for more information.

5. Tackling Digital Exclusion 

Digital exclusion in the UK is preventing a significant proportion of the population from accessing the internet, and therefore limiting access to essential services, learning opportunities and social connection. This can be due to a lack of internet connection, lack of access to devices or lack of digital literacy. With millions of people affected, the NFWI calls on the government to increase investment in digital infrastructure, ensure access to suitable devices and appropriate education and training.  Click here for more information

Previous Campaigns

Our key campaigns are the main issues we are currently working on. 


5 Minutes that Matter

Our campaign seeks to raise awareness of the importance of attending routine cervical screenings, and support more women to make an informed decision about whether or not to take up their invitations.


Climate Change

The WI has a proud history of taking action to protect the environment. As a founding member of The Climate Coalition, we work to protect what we love from climate change, and lobby politicians to prioritise tackling the issue.


End Plastic Soup

Our campaign explores the scale of the microplastic fibre pollution and calls on the government and industry to develop solutions to the problem.


Get on Board

We are seeking to raise awareness of the importance of local bus services and to empower members, WIs and federations to make the case for buses in their local communities.


Link Together to Alleviate Loneliness

This campaign calls on members to work alongside health and social care providers, and raise awareness of the causes and impacts of loneliness.


Make a Match

This campaign seeks to promote registration to the aligned UK stem cell registry to enable more people to receive potentially life-saving stem cell transplants.


Make Time for Mental Health

We are working to improve the way people view mental health and are calling for better support for those who need it.


No More Violence against Women

This campaign encourages WI members to raise awareness and take action to end the scourge of violence against women.


Stop Modern Slavery

This campaign seeks to raise awareness of modern slavery in the UK. It also calls for better support for survivors, as well as more effective action to eradicate the problem.

Current Campaigns


Food Matters

Our campaign to reduce food waste and tackle food poverty. We are encouraging members and supermarkets to cut food waste and work more widely to address the issue of increasing food poverty.


SOS for Honeybees

Since 2009 we have been campaigning to raise awareness of the plight of bees and how we can take action to decelerate the UK honeybee population.