Monthly Press Report

Press Report February 2019

As February was the 101st Birthday for Brockenhurst WI it was decided to celebrate the occasion with a dinner at the Balmer Lawn Hotel. 37 members congregated for the evening which began with a chat over a glass of Prosecco and ended with a fun quiz.
After singing “Jerusalem”, the only business to conduct was to start eating! However there were 13 birthdays to celebrate so each February Birthday Girl received a colourful potted primrose. The quiz involved a variety of questions on themes ranging from Royalty to Logo Recognition along with a fiendish Photo Face round in which not only the face had to be named but also what award that person had achieved! The winning team was “Top Table” which consisted of Rosemary Pope, Sue Griffiths, Kathryn Whalley, Karen McFarlane, Margaret Porteous and Elaine Blachford. Thanks must go to Karen McFarlane for organising the evening and to Isobel Toward for providing the quiz and presenting prizes. After coffee and chocolates, ladies reluctantly made their way home although a few were probably still to be found in the bar for a while longer!
The next Luncheon Club meeting will be on Tuesday 26th February at the Mayflower in Lymington. Meanwhile, the skittles team is wished good luck for their semi final match on Friday 22nd February at Lyndhurst Community Centre.
The next meeting will be on Monday 16th March in Brockenhurst Village Hall at 19.30 when we will be hearing about The History of Butlins Holiday Camps. Prospective members and visitors will always be warmly welcomed!

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