Gingerbread House Making Competition

Our monthly meeting in November 2018 saw our members formed into teams to take part in a Gingerbread House Making Competition! Each team was provided with pre-made gingerbread house walls, roof and chimney and a host of different icings and sweets to adorn the house when it had been constructed. Well, talk about hilarity! Putting the house together proved to be not quite as straight forward as originally thought – the stiff royal icing applied to the joints took longer to harden than expected and team members had to use all of their fingers and thumbs to keep the house upright until it was stable enough to apply the decorations. Needless to say, there were quite a few house collapses before teams could move on to the next stage! Each team had a different approach/theme for the decorating of their house but all of the sweets and other decorations were eventually applied (if not consumed!). The finished products were all colourful, interesting and amusing as the following photos show.

The Winners!
Just one example!
The range!

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