New Forest Show 2022

After a two year gap, this week saw the return of the New Forest Show.

The WI Schedule was ‘Step back in Time’ (carried over from 2020).

The entry classes were:

1. ‘Sweets for my Sweet’ Peppermint Creams. Six sweets (half dipped in chocolate optional) displayed in a box with clear lid/clingfilm no larger than 6″ x 4″ (15 x 10cm).

This category was entered by Julie Wootten who got a gold star and an overall third place.

2. ‘Paddington’s Choice’ Fruit marmalade. Any citrus fruit, clear glass jar, no larger than 8oz/225g, plain unused lid, ingredients and date to be listed on label.

This category was entered by Julie Wootten who achieved double silver stars.

3. ‘Childhood Memories’ English Madeleines. Three madeleines, baked in a dariole mould, displayed on an oblong board.

This category was entered by Liz Wingham (green star), Evelyn Bartlett (red star), Elaine Blachford (silver star) and Julie Wootten (silver star).

4. Produce Co-operative Create a “1950s larder”.

Three different food items to be judged, displayed within a container no larger than 14″ x 14″ x 16″ (35 x 35 x 40 cm)

This was entered by our team of Evelyn Bartlett, Elaine Blachford and Issy Toward.

5. ‘And So Bed’ Bedsocks – knit or crochet a pair of colourful/attractive bedsocks.

This category was entered by Rita Elson (blue star) Anne Nolan (green star), Ann Hessey (silver star) and Meral Carter (blue star).

6. Novice Class ‘Be creative with Macrame”

This category was entered by Anne Nolan (double silver stars), Evelyn Bartlett (result not yet known) and Meral Carter (red star).

7. Charity Class ‘Dress a Girl around the World’. Toddler Dress – made from recycled fabric, e.g. pillowcase, shirt, etc., to be shown with photo of original item. (Dresses to be donated to children’s orphanage in Uganda)

This category was entered by Evelyn Bartlett (silver star), Meral Carter (double silver stars), Julie Wootten (green star) and Jane Johnson (gold star). Jane received overall third place for her beautiful dress.

8. Craft Co-operative ‘The 1920s’ Three different craft items from the era – all three items must be removable from the display to be judged.

Our team for this was Evelyn Bartlett, Meral Carter and Ann Hessey. The team achieved a blue star for this.

9. Flowers ‘Tea at the Ritz’. Fresh or dried to be displayed in a small teapot.

This category was entered by Maureen Phillips (double silver) and Julie Wootten (green star).

10. Photography Nostalgia – ‘A village scene ’A black and white or sepia photograph.

This category was entered by Anne Nolan (whose two entries achieved red stars) and Julie Wootten (red star).

11. Art ‘Step Back in Time’ A painting/drawing, any medium, nothing stitched or sewn.

This category was entered by Issy Toward who achieved a red star.

13. Committee Cup ‘Through the Garden Gate’

Our team for this category were Carole Blaylock, Ann Hessey, Anne Nolan, Meral Carter, Corinne Jones, Janette Smethurst and Evelyn Bartlett.

The star marking are as follows:

  • Gold star 19 1/2-20 marks
  • Double Silver star 18-19 marks
  • Silver star 16-17 1/2 marks
  • Red star 15-15 1/2 marks
  • Blue star14-14 1/2 marks
  • Green Star 13-13 1/2 marks

Congratulations to all who entered.

Thanks go to Evelyn for coordinating the entries, to Carole and Evelyn for taking the entries to the show and Evelyn for collecting them.

Thanks also go to Liz Wingham for her cookery classes.

Hopefully, these entries will inspire others to enter future shows. We have the Brockenhurst Group Show in March and more details will follow about this.

3 thoughts on “New Forest Show 2022

  1. Whilst visiting the WI tent I loved the many exhibits, especially the mini allotments… many beautifully created and put together we couldn’t choose one! Loved about 5-6 of them. Well done to everyone.


    1. Thank you for letting us know that you enjoyed the WI tent and all the exhibits at the New Forest Show. The mini allotments were fabulous, weren’t they!


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