Bandage Making (27th July)

After Julie’s talk at Foxlease, we are delighted to report that two ladies form Sway WI have joined us in making bandages for Ukraine.

Julia and Lydia got stated the next day and made all these bandages. Thank you both.

Brockenhurst WI members have continued to do their ‘homework’ and have made these bandages:

Another session of bandage making was held and eight ladies set to work on various stages on bandage making. Once again, triangular bandages were the priority as these go in the ‘Tramua Packs’ that go to Ukraine. We made approximately 75 triangular bandages today.

Avery reports that 1198 Trauma packs have been made now and each of these contain 2 triangular bandages.

With the off-cuts and from polycotton sheets, we also made around 35 rolled bandages today and two bags of tourniquet ties.

A great morning’s work and great teamwork. Thank you all for your hard work. Thank you also to Christine for the biscuits that fuelled our work!

There will now be a break of a week or so before the next bandage making session. The next date will be listed on the website under “Diary Dates’ and put on the Facebook page in due course.

However, we are still looking for volunteers to measure, rip, sew and roll. This can be done in your home or with a group of friends and can be fit in around your commitments. Do contact us if you are able to help.

A very BIG thank you to each and everyone of you for your help and support with our bandage making.

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