Supporting Ukraine Refugees

Brockenhurst WI wanted to do something to support Ukraine refugees that will be staying in Brockenhurst, so we have been collecting toiletries at our meetings and making up shoe boxes of products.

Our members have been very generous.

We have also been given donations of toothpaste and tooth brushes from Oak Lodge Dental Practice, so thanks to Alex and Eleanor for these too.

Ukraine refugees are starting to arrive, and our first box was given out today and will support a family who will be staying in Brockenhurst.

We will be continuing to collect toiletries at our meetings and would welcome donations such as: shoe boxes/small boxes, soap or shower gel, shampoo, deodorant, moisturiser, menstrual products, hand cream, lip balm, or anything that would make a refugee feel supported by womankind.

‘New Forest Homes for Ukraine’ are looking for hosts for Ukraine refugees. If you would be able to host some Ukraine refugees or would like more informations click on this link

There are other ways that we can all support refugees:-

Thank you for your support.

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