ACWW Walk and Coffee Morning

When Hampshire WI suggested that WI’s do a walk to raise ACWW, we thought this was a great idea!

ACWW stands for The Associated Country Women of the World and it was founded in 1929 to bring rural women and their organisations all over the world together, and in doing so address the challenges they face because of their isolation of their communities, discrimination against women and their lack of standing in political processes.

ACWW’s membership spans 82 countries, and since 1947 we have passed more than 180 policy resolutions by popular vote. The key concept behind each of these is the empowerment of rural women in all their diversity, and this continues to be our driving priority. 

Rural Women are the backbone of families, communities, and nations, but they suffer the worst impacts of climate change and conflict, go unheard in legislation, and remain unprotected and unsupported.  

We fortunately chose a beautiful April day for our walk and set out from Standing Hat car park, Brockenhurst and headed into the inclosures. The sky was blue and the birds were singing.

We enjoyed looking at the varied habitats, flora and fauna that we are lucky enough to have on our doorstep.

When this tick was spotted, we were reminded of the importance of checking ourselves for ticks after walking in the forest. This link gives information about ticks and what to do if you should find one on yourself!

After our walk we gathered in the garden of one of our members for coffee and cakes.

We enjoyed sitting in the garden in the sunshine, drinking coffee, eating cakes and having a chat.

£110 was raised for ACWW.

Toiletries were also donated to make up boxes for Ukraine refugees.

A big thank for to all for walking, making cakes, donating and for your support. Thank you to Liz W for hosting us and for your hospitality.

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