Our October Meeting

Our meeting on Monday 11th October was attended by 34 members and 7 guests.

We heard from Ann about the forthcoming Group show and the categories we could enter, encouraging us to get creative! To read more about this, please click here.

The ‘Competition of the Month’ was a flower in a vase and this was won by Maureen

Our speaker was Jackie Dimmock, who worked for many years as a WPC for Hampshire Constabulary.The Subject was “The Good, Bad and the Downright Funny” and the talk definitely ticked the boxes for all these categories!

Through beautifully made quilted pictures, Jackie talked about her carer as a WPC and we learnt how she progressed from the most junior as a 25 year old in urban policing, armed with just a a radio, a torch and a handbag! We heard how Jackie went on to work with child protection, vulnerable adults, public protection unit, working in schools and the scenes of crime unit. 

We heard how policing has progressed over the years, especially for WPC’s. We learnt about Jackie’s part in the longest and slowest police car chase in history!

It was a fascinating insight into Jackie’s carer as a Police Officer.  It was definitely “Downright Funny”.

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