Remembrance Wreaths

Celebration of Remembrance 2020

As with so many events this year, Covid-19 ensured that the celebration of remembrance in 2020 would be slightly different. Wreaths were laid at Brockenhurst Memorial on Wednesday 4th November, ahead of a new national lockdown beginning the following day. The WI wreath is the one on the right-hand end of the second row. It was a beautiful day for the very simple but moving ceremony – no prayers or hymns – but the event was filmed. You can see it on the Church website or on YouTube:

Issy has taken some lovely photos of the poppies in St Saviour’s churchyard and the wreathes at the Memorial in Sway Road. A big thank you to all of the knitters and crocheters for their huge contribution to the display at the church and to Issy for recording the outcome for posterity.

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