Birthday Girl’s Last Gasp

At our meeting on Monday 8th February, Brockenhurst WI members enjoyed a Zoom Murder Mystery evening to celebrate its 102nd Birthday.

Members of the Committee used their considerable skills to act out the scenario of the aftermath and investigation of Carrie Oakey’s murder, at her Birthday party in a smart Italian restaurant with her female family, friends and business associates.

We witnessed the cast members taking about their relationship to Carrie and their alibis on the night.

We were able to ask the cast questions and vote on whodunit! The Police Inspector, Laura Nauder (Liz W), then summed up her evidence and revealed the murderer. 50% of the audience correctly guessed that waitress Leila Taybell (Maggie) was the killer.

Members dressed up in their finery for the 102nd Party and enjoyed the box of chocolates they had been delivered beforehand.

A great evening was had by all.

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