face coverings

Would you like a FABRIC FACE COVERING?

A group of Brockenhurst WI members and other local ladies are busy sewing fabric face coverings for donation into the community. The coverings are made from 100% cotton fabric and can be re-used after a 5 minute boil for sterilisation.

We have already handed out 100 + masks into the community and are doing so without any obligation; though some people have chosen to make a donation to a charity of their choice in appreciation and we thank everyone who is doing so for that gesture.

The coverings are suitable for adults and children, for younger children we can make smaller coverings; they all come in a variety of prints or colours.

As it may well be that as part of relaxed lockdown measures we all may soon have to wear face coverings when out in public, we are continuing with sewing and would like to provide for as many people as possible. Can you help with donations of material? Any finely woven 100% cotton fabric, such as bed linen, craft or quilting material, clothes or curtains are all suitable. We also need 100% cotton jersey or t-shirt material to make the ties.

To request your face covering/s and/or make a donation of cotton fabrics please contact Britta here:


Clearly these face coverings are merely to assist slowing the spread of the Coronavirus and are not medically proven. No legal liability can be accepted and professional advice should primarily be sought and followed.

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