Monthly Press Report

Press Report February 2020

Brockenhurst WI

Storm Ciara was in full flow when the windswept ladies arrived for the birthday meeting of Brockenhurst WI.  Some 46 Members and 3 guests attended for our fish & chip supper although it was proudly announced that our membership this year had reached a record total of 72 ladies.  Business of the day included handing out the birthday posies to Barbara Ball, Karen Barber, Esther Brown, Judy Cook, Christine Davies, Liz Dudley, Valerie Letley, Ruth McDermott, Pam McInnes, Rosemary Pope, Sue Randall, Isobel Toward, Britta Wells and Karen Whitty – what does it say when 20% of your WI are Aquarians?

We had a Christmas gift amnesty when any unwanted, undesirable and totally unsuitable gifts were put onto the gift table and sold for club proceeds – personally I donated an unwanted book entitled ‘Catflexing’ based upon weight training with your cat (I don’t own a cat) and a bread maker (I’m a coeliac).

When the fish and chips arrived they smelled amazing and, to avoid them going cold, we jumped in quickly and ate them whilst they were hot and they were delicious.  This was followed by the Brock Ice traditional bike arriving with tubs of New Forest Ice Cream for sale which always goes down a treat – particularly the salted caramel flavour.

Whilst all this food was being consumed we had a series of various quizzes to play – everything from find the ‘weights and measures’ in a small passage of verse and ‘what’s the board game’ to name a few.  As usual a great deal of the competitive nature of the ladies came to the fore and it was a close fought conclusion.  A small amount of residual business was discussed, including the forthcoming trip to Mamma Mia in Southampton, the two teams (one running and one walking) we’re putting together for the annual pancake races in Brockenhurst (3pm on Thursday 25 February by Pot Pourri in the village) and the next lunch club in the Cloud Hotel (17 March).  One of our members, Ann Hessey, has for many years been in correspondence with a lady who is a member of a similar club called ACWW in Australia.  Over the year they have corresponded regularly and there was even a visit from them once.  She wrote us a very open letter describing the devastation that the extreme weather and subsequent fires has taken on the country over the last 6 months and it was so lovely to have a heartfelt and warm account of the state of play out there.  Our final piece of correspondence was a thank you letter from Home Start Hampshire, a charity that we donated the proceeds of the Brockenhurst Fun Night to, they were very pleased to accept the £115 we raised.

Next month (9 March) we have a talk entitled ‘Fashions & Foibles of the Roaring Twenties’ by Mrs Godwin.  If you would like to join us then Brockenhurst Village Hall at 7.30pm on 9 March, if you’d like to find out more why not phone Liz Wingham on 01590 622292.




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