Monthly Press Report

Press Report April 2018

The ladies of Brockenhurst WI are always ready for a new challenge so at the April meeting the usual singing of Jerusalem was attempted with the accompaniment of a brass band recording. Much giggling ensued as they tried valiantly to sing along to the different tempo!

The President welcomed two visitors and thanked the refreshment team consisting: Karen McFarlane, Pam McInnes, Liz Dudley and Elaine Blachford. Three birthdays were celebrated with a rousing chorus of Happy Birthday. Having previously knitted hats for the Mission to Seafarer, we were delighted to receive a thank you for them explaining that they will be appreciated by seamen working in the North and South Pole routes.

Liz Wingham gave a report about the Spring Council meeting held in Portsmouth’s Guildhall where Anton de Beke was the entertaining key speaker.

Members were reminded of various forthcoming events including the Group Exhibition on 14th April where competition is bound to be fierce as local WI ladies compete to win trophies for craft and cooking.

Speaker April 2018 - S. DeweyThe evening continued with a fascinating talk about The Indian Tribes of the North American Plains. Mrs S Dewey brought some of her vast collection of artefacts including buffalo skin moccasins decorated with delicate glass beads and two magnificent war bonnets (headdresses) made from eagle feathers. She was a passionate and knowledgeable speaker dismissing some of the stereotypical images of the tribes to explain how the matriarchal nomadic societies lived on the land in harsh conditions.

At the next meeting, which will also be the AGM, there will be a talk from Brockenhurst Gateway Group. This will be on 14th May at 7:30pm and a warm welcome will be offered to visitors.

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