Greener Brockenhurst Inspiration Day

Today Brockenhurst WI had a stall at Greener Brockenhurst Inspiration Day.

This featured a series of events and activities to help us slow down and appreciate the wonders of nature around us and to inspire and motivate us to lead a more sustainable life.

Brockenhurst WI put our heads together to see what sustainable ideas we could come up with and what we already do and use.

We also looked at things we could make to giveaway (for a donation with donations going to Greener Brockenhurst).

Members made cleansing pads, make-up removal pads, washing up scrubbies, knitted dishcloths, soap sacks and Hand and face wipes.

We also looked at what we were doing at home to reuse, recycle and upcycle.

Ideas included:

  • Using bamboo cutlery instead of plastic
  • Bamboo handled toothbrushes
  • Bamboo dental sticks
  • Sustainable gift wrapping
  • Reuseable plastic bags
  • Reuseable and washable nappies
  • Sea Saver micro filter washing bag
  • Soap nuts and eco eggs
  • Shampoo bars
  • Wool tumble drier balls
  • Woven basket upcycled from plastic bags and other materials
  • Gunk pots
  • Reusable travel cups
  • Plant labels made from pebbles or wooden lolly stick

Our stall at Greener Brockenhurst Inspiration Day

A good day was had by all and I’m sure that we all came away with some ideas of how to be more sustainable.

Over £24 was raised for Greener Brockenhurst funds.

Members have also been busy making posters for the event and also for a display of how we can all be ‘greener’. This display is in the old telephone box on the corner of Butts Lawn and Meerut Road in Brockenhurst.

Our green ideas displayed in the old telephone box

Thanks go to the members for making items for the stall and display and for being on the stall to talk to visitors at the event.

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