Theatre Trip - The Shadow Factory

Theatre Trip: The Shadow Factory

The Shadow Factory, by Howard Brenton tells the remarkable and little-known story of how Southampton stepped up when the chips were down.

Southampton is home to our only hope of victory: the Spitfire. But when the Luftwaffe drops 2,300 bombs in three devastating raids, the city goes up in flames and the Woolston Supermarine Spitfire factory is destroyed. From the ashes, a story of chaos, courage and community spirit emerges. The play particularly focuses on how two women forge their own path through the landscape that evolves from the aftermath of those raids.

This spectacular world premiere, which opened Southampton’s brand new theatre, NST City, featured a 25-strong community chorus made up of Southampton residents.

This performance, with distinctive local flavour and its insight into women’s responses to local wartime events, was particularly enjoyed by the Brockenhurst WI group who attended on Wednesday 21st February.

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