Bandage Making 13th July 2022

New Forest for Ukraine was on featured on Countryfile on Sunday 10th July and bandages was highlighted as something that is sadly much needed. So it has been lovely to see so many Brockenhurst WI members stepping up to help with bandage making. 10 people gathered at Julie’s house to make bandages this session and the priority was making triangular bandages that go in trauma … Continue reading Bandage Making 13th July 2022

July Monthly Meeting 2022

Our talk this month was by an Archaeologist – Ruby Mogg about Medieval Southampton.  She was full of enthusiasm about her subject despite the heat!  She took us through the Saxon era, the Normans and late Medieval Period.  There is no written record before the Roman invasion.  A lot of Saxon encampments were where Bitterne is today, towards the River Test.  There was a grid … Continue reading July Monthly Meeting 2022

Craft Group – June sessions

The Craft group have continued to work on their entries for the New Forest Show, but for the last session in June were inspired by the talk from Avery from New Forest for Ukraine to make bandages for Ukraine. Six of us gathered at Carole’s house and watched the instructional videos on the New Forest for Ukraine website (watch here). We then set to work … Continue reading Craft Group – June sessions