Our March Walk and Meet-Up

We were greeted to a sunny day for our March walk and meet-up. We set off from Beechern Wood car park and walked our usual route in reverse for a change!

When we reached the bridge, we were entertained by Mabel swimming!

We walked through the woods ….

And then walked parallel with the river, enjoying seeing this lovely pony.

We headed across the bridge that gives the car park its name – Puttles Bridge. We could hear Curlew calling in the distance.

Puttles Bridge

As we walked across Whitemoor to return to the car park, we realised that we were walking into the wind (and remembered why we usually do the walk the other way round!)

There were some lovely ponies about.

We all agreed that we had had a nice walk and a good chat and enjoyed being out in the sunshine.

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