June Zoom Meeting

“The Body Through the Porthole”

Join us on Zoom for 7pm on Monday 14th July to hear Steve Herra talk about “The Body Through the Porthole”

A true story from 1947 when a young actress sailing from Cape Town to Southampton aboard the Durban Castle had a liaison with a deck steward.  During one such liaison, she died and he pushed her body through the porthole!  The ship was 90 miles from the nearest land and in shark infested waters.  The audience act as jury and decide if the accused was guilty or not guilty or murder.

•         Did Gay Gibson’s ailments cause her death?

•         What was the significance of the alarm clock left on deck?

•         Who rang the cabin alarm bells?

•         How did James Camb explain the scratches on his arms?

•         What happened after the trial?

As usual, the meeting is open to members and visitors. Non-members can contact us for Zoom joining details. We are always happy to welcome new members to our happy throng. If you would like more details, just contact us!

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