Jubilee Celebrations Part One- Bench Trail

Brockenhurst WI members, led by Issy, organised a Jubilee Bench Trail around the village on Friday.

Brockenhurst boasts numerous wooden benches round the village centre. One such bench was erected to celebrate Queen Victoria’s Silver Jubilee in 1860. The village really went to town in 1937 to celebrate King George’s Coronation with the provision of benches.

Residents of Brockenhurst, visitors from far and wide enjoyed a walk round our beautiful village and even picked up a free Jubilee pencil and enjoyed biscuits and drinks at Forest Park Hotel on the way round the trail.

Our WI continues to show how proud we are to belong to such a great group of ladies who are very much a part of this lovely community.

Thanks go to Issy for organising the event, all the helpers, Di for allowing us to use her drive, and to the Forest Park Hotel for providing refreshments.

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