Where’s WInnie?

The WI have launched a special project to celebrate The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee! In the March issue of WI Life magazine, our members will find all there is to know about the ‘Where’s WInnie’ craft competition to knit a corgi

From now until the June bank holiday weekend, we’re encouraging keen knitters to have a go at making WInnie the corgi and hiding her in their local community for others to find, keep or donate.

We have decided to hide Winnie’s to coincide with the Platinum Jubliee Bench Trail for children  around the village on 28th May.   The WI are running this event between 10 am and 3pm. 

Click here for a link to an updated Winnie pattern (there was a mistake in the one in the WI Life magazine).

We do hope that as many knitters as possible can make Winnie’s for us so we can bring a smile to the faces of those who find them. Thank you.

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