Supporting our Local Community

Brockenhurst WI are proud to be able to support a great initiative that started during lockdown.

Jane Overall started a community project called The Food Rescue Kitchen that rescues surplus food from shops and supermarkets etc, which is then redistributed or transformed into simple meals.

This is then given to those struggling to put food on the table in these challenging times.

With our donation, Jane has been able to purchase bags and labels for the cakes that she make each week which go out to families via the New Forest Basics Bank. Jane has also been able to purchase jars to make jams and chutneys in order to make good use of gluts of surplus food that she is donated. Home made produce like these give extra added value to the way Jane can redistribute the ‘waste food’ that she collects.

Jane and her team are doing sterling work to help those in need. Food can be collected by those from the temporary home at Brockenhurst Masonic Hall from midday-3pm daily.

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